Trilingual Texpatsy Kinda Day

So “Texpats” was taken. I wasn’t about to dish out like $3K to buy it when I was browsing domain names. I don’t have to explain that Texpats comes from Texas + Expats, right? But if I did, it’s totally my bad for not filling you in and now you know. I stuck “Trilingual” in front of our name at the risk of sounding pretentious. But, it simply and plainly is part of who we are–definitely not the pretentious part–rather the trilingual/multicultural part 啦. So here I am, trying to maintain multilingualism with my now expatriate kiddos. Share-blogging the mess of it because it’s never a super easy endeavor when you live in places where your target language(s) is/are the minority language.

Tugó, not to be confused with Tigo, is like the Colombian Ikea with Pier1 flare

So I want to encourage the mamas and the papas who are considering teaching their kids a foreign language. Why not? Give OPOL or ML@H or any other method that can consistently work for your family a try. Perseverance is paramount. Disclaimer: It may be that your takeaways from my rants blog posts would be “what not to do” or “how not to do it”. You have been forewarned.

For the time being…and indefinitely…I cannot afford stuff like au pairs and nannies to help with language support, and I also work part time from home, so my resources and time are limited. Homeschooling was also not a viable option for our family. But I am scrappy and stubborn, so I’m committing to teaching my kids to maintain speaking and reading in Chinese, Spanish, and English. Previously Spanish and Chinese were the minority/target languages while living in Texas. Regardless, all four kids (ages 2 through 8) do currently speak Mandarin, Spanish, and English. The two elementary aged kids can read and write Spanish and English. Here in Colombia we have enrolled our kids in an American International School that will have main subjects taught in English and electives taught in Spanish, so English ✅ and Spanish ✅. JieJie and GeGe will be “full time” and Didi and MeiMei will be “part time”. Time to double down on the Chinese component! 💪🏻 加油 to me! I’ll have to work on boosting my own Chinese reading along with my kids. #learningchinesewithmykids

If you want a quick read of a “what’s the deal with raising multilingual kids anyway” kind of article, here’s one to get you started:

My perdy new dishes from Home Sentry, the Colombian Bed, Bath, & Beyond

After over a week of being here in Colombia, unpacking, cleaning, sorting, finding, buying housewares, washing, driving all over town hunting things down, enrolling the kids in school and activities, etc…today was the first day that exhibited some sort of recognizable structure. I have not had time to set up a lesson schedule; nor do I have a printer yet to print out the Chinese worksheet printables I have found, but I’m just going for it while we are still settling in and before school starts next week. I’m wanting my kids to get in the habit of “learning Chinese is part of what we do”. With JieJie all I have to do is say “and we will earn stickers on a sticker chart by doing so and so” and she’s golden, but with GeGe I needed today to feel out his capacity. Regardless of how “fun” I try to make it, he needs tangible motivation. Mama’s earnest pleas won’t cut it when it comes to something academic. So, don’t judge, but it’s going to be screen time. There I said it out in the o-p-e-n. We try to regulate screen time in our house, so this form of motivation works for now. Stickers for screen time. I’ll let them choose a cartoon or show on Netflix or YouTube IN CHINESE. 😏 Win-win.

We kicked off the morning with extra snuggles while I reminded them that we will be starting some Chinese learning at home. No one grumbled about that at all. ⬅️ Did you actually believe that?! I have young, human children, you know. Then we decorated some yummy pancakes (thank goodness for the Krusteaz pancake mix we bought this weekend at Price Smart, the Colombian Costco!).

JieJie started with the Sagebooks, book 1 from the blue set (Sage 1.1). For starters I had her read through it, trace the characters, and pull out the flash cards from our flashcards kit. That’s just to get the 3rd grader acclimated with the book and to ready the flashcards.

We were short one character, but I’ll just print my own card–as soon as I can procure that printer that’s on sale from Éxito. Once we get our car. Yeah, limited resources for reals.

While GeGe waited for the Sagebook (he will start at the same level, but I’m thinking it will be at a slower pace than his older sister) to become available, he worked on reviewing basic vocabulary. He also led his younger siblings on a color scavenger hunt around the apartment.

She even says “Good Job” with a 👍🏻 at the end. This girl.

DiDi and MeiMei quizzed each other on colors too. 😂😂😂

I had promised to take them swimming, so we took a swimming break, lunch break, nap break (for MeiMei), ballet break (first day of class here for JieJie), and then finally over dinner GeGe and I worked on his reading.

We will press on reading and rereading book 1 and work on flashcards, utilize a Chinese writing practice app, play activities, and do some worksheets. I finally found a study schedule on the Sage blog: I am a Heritage Chinese speaker but I can’t actually read proficiently in Chinese, so I use my iPhone’s highlight and speak function to help me get through pages of Chinese text. If you’re in my similar situation, know that there are also several language reading apps you can find online. You could also simply Google translate the entire page when you use Chrome as your internet browser.

We got the 山 (mountain) character down. Woohoo. It’s going to be a marathon with this endeavor, not a sprint.

International Moving Day

Our anxiety ridden much anticipated international moving day came and went. Besides the truck dying on the highway entrance ramp hundreds of feet in the air on the road to the airport and our motion sick baby girl, the rest of the day went on without a hitch! YAY!

Thankfully Annuar was able to reverse the truck in neutral close to the side of the highway shoulder wall since it had died on an incline. Thankfully were able to elbow in our luggage on to other cars in our airport caravan. Thankfully, upon arriving at DFW there was a nice airport attendant who helped transport and expedite our luggage and boxes in the check in process.

I was nervous about the layover in ATL as it was a less than 50 minute turnaround. We had 6 rollerboard carry-ons and 6 backpacks for the 6 of us (and 4/6 are tiny people who are like the minions, mostly quite clever and helpful but simultaneously and hilariously unpredictable).

PC: @5ftwanderer

Thankfully the flight in ATL was fully booked and we were able to volunteer to check in most of our carry-ons. Phew, we didn’t have to rely on minion help. Thankfully, a flight attendant on our DFW>ATL lag was super nice and helpful and texted the powers that be at ATL to send a Red Jacket Representative to assist us on site, whether it be transporting us or guiding us to the most direct way to our connecting terminal. Thankfully, our arrival gate ended up being just next to the escalators down to the ATL Plane Train. Nonetheless, thankfully we had a Red Jacket who told us precisely where we needed to go.

The kids loved riding the Plane Train. Minions I say…easily amused. We arrived in Terminal A and needed to get to Terminal E. In my preparation strategizing for the trip I had found numerous YouTube vids of the Plane Train. I knew it only took about 6 minutes to get from one end of the airport to the other. By the time we got off the train and arrived to our departure terminal, our plane was already boarding.

Our 29 pieces of luggage and 4 kids all made it safe and sound. And we didn’t even have to deal with jet lag. Throughout the day, however, I would fall asleep any and every time I was idle for more than 5 minutes since I hadn’t actually slept for at least a couple of days. My body was finally starting to relax and give in.

We arrived to our furnished apartment rental, walked around our new city a bit, grabbed a bite to eat, and all passed out from exhaustion before the sun went down. Full day, full heart.

“Praise and thank You, Lord for taking care of every detail in our travel day.”

Getting you up to speed

Getting you up to speed
From the day we moved out of our house

So quite a while ago, Annuar submitted his resume with the Association of American Schools in South America. We had casually discussed how it would be pretty cool if the kids learned Spanish in an actual Spanish-speaking country. We even looked at a few videos of the impressive international schools in South America. However, he never did actually apply for any positions and we just let that resume float in the sea of thousands of other resumes. Out of the blue, he received an email asking him to apply for a particular school in Colombia. He applied for the high school principal position and after a string of interviews…he got the job! We had prayed a lot. We weren’t praying that He would get the job, but whether this move is a move from the Lord. Where He goes, we follow. There were several interviews and we prayed at each juncture. I was even asked to sit in for a few minutes in one of the interviews, I think it was the third one, and I had to speak English and Spanish! Yes, I was nervous. To say the least. I guess for the most part they probably just wanted to make sure that I was a good fit for their community and that I wouldn’t “bail” on my husband if things got too tough over there. Haha! But, in the days leading up to that particular interview it finally really started settling in that we may actually be moving from the American ‘burbs to a developing country. Why would we make such a move? 1. If we sensed it is the Lord’s leading and blessing 2. To care for His church (praise the Lord for the believers all over the earth!) 3. To share the gospel 4. To enrich our children’s cultural adeptness and to broaden their world view 5. To hone our Spanish language skills 6. If it improves the quality of life for our family 7. To give our children an amazing life experience. And yes, in all these matters we have just felt so blessed and sense the Lord’s covering and peace.

We will miss our park, but new adventure awaits

As I reflect, I honestly felt like it was always in the works. For those who don’t know me well or even friends who met me as a Suburbanite mom (and I even had to remind myself as I often get lost in mom world and forget who I was prior to momhood), I have to say that I guess I was somewhat “prepped” for this outwardly capricious enterprise…in undergrad, I double majored in International Business (Hook ’em!) and Latin American Studies (fancy way of saying I held on to all my credits from the Spanish AP test, took some interesting phonetics and ethnomusicalogy courses, and read Don Quixote. Okay it wasn’t only that–I read Gabriel Garcia Márquez too.) I traveled to either Puerto Rico, Spain, or Mexico every summer or winter between 2000-2005. And, this may sound like an oddball, but hear me out, I traveled rather extensively to China off and on from 2005-2008 for work. And in 2008 Annuar and I had our destination wedding in Mexico. Just wanted to tack that one on for the sake of nostalgia. 😉 The travels to the Spanish-speaking countries provided obvious prep work for the new undertaking in terms of the language and culture. However, China is the most like what people have described to me of the Colombian daily grind. In particular, the “developingness of the country…”, the bureaucracy of a simple bank errand, the rodeo show to obtain a long-term visa, and the dozens of official stamps needed to process anything and everything over there. Not only do I have to bring original paper documents of our marriage license and birth certificates, they need to be newly issued and within 3 months of issuing the visa! Annuar and I are guessing that it’s due to the recent refugee crisis at the Venezuelan border with too many people wanting to escape into Colombia. But. I’m from the USA, I cry. Anyway, it’s fine, I LOVE going to government agencies stateside with four kids in tow anyway. -_- Sufficient to say that I will simply be ready for a different pace of doing things, and I’ll bring a cup of Juan Valdez to enjoy along the way.

Did I mention that I have never been to Colombia, let alone South America? So I guess God checked off an item on my bucket list that I didn’t even realize I had. Going to South America nicely completes the baseline of my personal Spanish language and cultural journey on all the Spanish-speaking continents: Spain–the motherland, Mexico–our Southern neighbor, Puerto Rico—our fun and fast talking neighbor, and having lived in Texas and California gives me that Chicano-Tex-Cal-Mex experience.

With the first haul of our stuff

Annuar already moved over there this week. The rest of us move on July 27. 16 days and counting!

Parting is of such sweet sorrow

The first goodbye

You were our first. For this we will always remember you with fondness and appreciation. I’ll admit that I took you for granted over the recent years. Life got busier and you were pretty low maintenance. You were important to us, yet I know I didn’t say enough words of gratitude about you. You had quirks and started getting sloppy with your presentation. You may have endured a bit of abuse from my kids–from the colorful scribbles to the divots from the smashing of action figures and toy trucks. I just didn’t have time to fix you beyond the important things. But I am truly grateful you were there for us. You sheltered us from cold, heat, and tornado threats; shielded us from hailstorms, snow and sleet. You welcomed home all of our babies from the hospital and provided a cozy place for them to sleep. You were usually the first familiar face and place of reprieve when we would return from our travels. Now that we have to say goodbye, I realize how much you meant to us. You were everything that we needed, when we needed it. Thank you for being our home. Goodbye House, we will always remember you!

DFW LNY 2019 Festivals

DFW LNY 2019 Festivals
Background vector created by freepik –

Red envelopes, longevity foods, lanterns, firecrackers, festivals, boisterous parades, and lion dances! This year the Lunar New Year lands on Tuesday, February 5th (although, different countries in Asia may celebrate the days a little differently). It’s basically a celebration of lights, sound, the color red, and food! Several prominent venues in DFW are celebrating the Lunar New Year with festivals honoring the holiday. Celebrations have been going on all month. If you haven’t gotten your lion dance fix yet, here are a few of the best upcoming events where you can enjoy Lunar New Year festivities and/or catch a show for free.

  • UT Dallas Visitor Center Atrium
  • Tues Jan 29 2019 7:00 pm
  • Free Food
  • Games
  • Performances

  • Sat Feb 02 2019 7:00 pm
  • Sun Feb 03 2019 12:30 pm
  • Sat Feb 09 2019 1:30 pm

  • Asia Times Square @ Grand Prairie
  • Fri Feb 01 2019 6:00 pm — 12:00 am
  • Sat Feb 02 2019 9:00 am — 12:00 am
  • Sun Feb 03 2019 9:00 am — 10:00 pm
  • Ethnic & Fair Foods
  • K-Pop Dances
  • Kids’ Activities
  • Performance Groups
  • On Stage Games & Prizes

Chinese New Year Celebration @ Cozby Library in Coppell
  • Cozby Library & Community Commons @ Coppell
  • Sat Feb 02 2019 @ 2:00 pm — 4:00 pm
  • Games
  • Storytelling
  • Face Painting

Chinese New Year Festival 2019
at NorthPark Center in Dallas
  • NorthPark Center @ Dallas
  • Sat Feb 09 2019 11:00 am — 4:00 pm
  • Lion Dances
  • Art making for all ages
  • Giveaways

  • Watters Creek @ Allen
  • Sat Feb 09 2019 1:00 am — 4:00 pm
  • Lion Dances
  • Origami
  • Children’s Crafts
  • Fortune Telling
  • Complimentary Hot Tea from PF Chang’s
  • Red Envelope Giveaways

Lion Dance @ Magic Cup in Richardson
  • Magic Cup @ Richardson
  • Sun Feb 10 2019 2:00 pm
  • Lion Dance
  • Red Envelopes

Kung Fu Tea @ Grand Prairie
  • Kung Fu Tea @ Grand Prairie
  • Sun Feb 10 2019 2:00 pm — 10pm
  • Lion Dance
  • Red Envelopes

There are so many amazing opportunities to catch a free lion dance in the metroplex. Traditional Chinese restaurants and Asian Cultural associations are also celebrating the New Year by orchestrating dinner & lion dance show experiences, but definitely at a cost. I have to include this final shout out to the Dallas Mavericks for celebrating the Lunar New Year at their upcoming game on February 6. There will be a Lunar New Year giveaway and free dumplings in the concourse! Check out the cute special edition Lunar New Year t-shirt! Go Mavs!!!

Mavs Lunar New Year Celebration
  • American Airlines Center @ Dallas
  • Wednesday Feb 06 2019 7:30 pm (arrive early!)
  • Free Stuff
  • Lion Dance

Happy Lunar New Year, y’all!!!

Marie Kondo-san

On Friday night I mysteriously lost my voice. Well, at the time it was a bizarre mystery to me but I have since realized that the voice loss (and runny nose) was from an allergic reaction to the dust from the remodeling being done at my work. I digress. Since I was voiceless and “sick”, I stayed home rather than going to Friday Night Bible Study. Annuar had taken the boys to his see his parents to share the important news with them in person. (The girls and I had made plans to attend a ballet with her cousins months in advance, so we stayed back. By the way, we haven’t told the kids yet. Sigh.) With the new found spare time I flipped on Netflix and to my absolute delight, there it was waiting for me–queue twinkling fireworks and smilie emojis with the floating hearts (like these 🥰🥰🥰 which you can see if you’re an Apple advocate)–Tidying Up with Marie Kondo!! I had heard of her and her bestselling book and had an idea of her method. Since reading about her “spark joy” philosophy, I had been buying less unnecessary stuff in the past year…to some extent. 😬 This Netflix series launched just in time for New Year resolutions of organizing. I certainly needed practical guidance in that department ASAP and to me the Netflix series is like the Cliff Notes version of the book so………yeah, I almost binged the whole series in one sitting. Mama ain’t got time to sit down and read a whole book about this right now! For lack of better words, the show tidied my mind about tidying–with the KonMarie ritual greeting and thanking the homes (most days I’m angry at the things that need to get fixed rather than recollecting the beautiful memories we have created here) to the therapeutic process of decluttering (it is overwhelming to think about having to toss-dump-purge like a reckless bulldozer; her method is a mindful, item by item journey through your belongings whereby you keep those that spark joy and thank the ones that do not before disposing of them), to the mending and strengthening of the relationships between the clients as a distinct objective of giving in to the process (which I do long for…because I am TOTALLY making my husband watch the show and help me KonMari our way through the house). Plus, the episodes that have the couples with young children really struck a chord with me. These episodes get real, y’all. I teared up at some point in almost every episode. Maybe I’m a little emotional about moving abroad. (Ya think?!)

With the fresh inspiration, I got right to work on my closet that night!

Illustration by Juju Sprinkles


I cheated. I left the ones that sparked joy in the closet rather than dragging them all out. So there’s actually more clothes than shown in the photo…and…oh-the-shame-I-also-left-out-the-clothes-in-the-4-dresser-drawers. I didn’t want to refold everything. And since I’m fessing up, I’ll also add that I didn’t fold them into perfect Kondo nuggets of joy either. Ahhh, M-Kon would be so disappointed in me!! I realize that the lack of mindfulness in my rushed process yields a lower success rate of adequately honing in the sparking of joy that is essential for achieving tidying zen. HOWEVER, I’m moving in 6 months so, again, mama ain’t got time for that jazz! I’ll have to settle for Cliff Notes zen. Nevertheless, I was proud of my accomplishment:

Look at all of those empty hangers!!! A huge portion was maternity or nursingwear that I had been styling (know that I use this word with utmost sarcasm) for the past 8 years, so auf wiedersehen to that stage! I loved nursing my babies and all, but I wasn’t wanting to spend $$$ on the high end maternity wear that would only last a stage in my life. In hindsight, I would have invested a little more on quality had I known I would have 4 babies! You live, you learn, and the moral here is to buy only when joy is sparked. Still applies with maternity clothes. Just say no to the sale or to something that evokes “meh, it’s frumpy but it fits”, and most definitely have some strong convictions before stepping foot into Target! I have totally done that and that’s why my KonMarie mountain was extra high! Ask around to get free maternity clothes from a friend wherein the joy is sparked by the free-ness of the clothes and knowing you will also pay it forward. Chances are they are glad to be rid of those clothes too. I’m happy I’ll be able to pass on most of my maternity clothes and baby things to friends. Ok, I’m probably wayyy muddling the true KonMarie ideology by now…I’ll read the book…one of these days.

I take Thy promise

A couple of months ago, when Annuar was invited to apply for the position, I didn’t even know how to begin to pray. I wanted a change in our lives, but relocating to another country wasn’t your average change (at least not for us newbie expats to be). I streamed hymns on SoundCloud and YouTube a lot, and that was a way for my spirit to be primed and encouraged. All I knew to do was to enjoy the Lord in the small things and try not to overthink.

Last night I struggled with more restless tossing and turning. My tired mind recalled a couple of stanzas of a particular hymn.

What a beautiful reminder that the Lord gave me. I don’t know what kind of housing we will be able to find or what to do about furnishings or how we will be able to transport our tribe of 6 to our daily destinations. We have so many belongings to go through to eliminate, to storage or to move. I haven’t been able to make sense of which would be optimal in our case. I have never sold a house before. I have researched a little bit online, but I don’t know much about the actual expat process yet. Breathe in, breathe out! Regardless of what outward life changes may come, the Lord remains our source of strength and supply. I don’t feel like I’m in control of anything at all right now, but “I take Thy promise, Lord, in ALL IT’S LENGTH.”

O Soul

Meimei woke up crying in the middle of the night again. After settling her down, I wasn’t able to fall back asleep. I snapped into panic mode. PANIC. I have so much clutter. Kinda hoard when it comes to certain items, not gonna lie. Like craft supplies. I have so many craft supplies. I love crafting. I love the idea of crafting. I want to have all materials before me as inspiration strikes. How am I going to get rid of all of our junk in time to get the house ready to sell?!?? Can a reality TV show adopt our case, send a crew to help me out here?!?? We would seriously be perfect candidates.

At the peak of my midnight freak out session, the Lord reminded me of a couple of stanzas from this hymn

How sweet is our Lord???!! My soul was CALMED. My mind was still running through all of these scenarios and tasks, but I had the distinct sense that “it will all be okay”. It wasn’t because there are any less tasks, but that the Lord will carry us through it all, every step of the way. As He has always done. Thank you, Lord Jesus for being my real peace!

A surprising close to 2018

I woke up from Meimei crying around 3:00 am and wasn’t able to go back to sleep. My heart skipped a beat and my mind started racing. “Did that really happen? Did my dear husband really just accept a job offer that will uproot and relocate our family to a foreign country that we have never been to?” So, so, soooo many details and thoughts flooded my brain! The logistics of an international relocation are so daunting and there’s an endless list of things to do to make it work–with 4 littles in tow! 🤯😱😳😩😧😵 Overwhelmed!! Lord Jesus, we need You!!!

This verse is Annuar and my experience regarding this big move. But more about that another day…at the moment I’m in a state of shock.