The first goodbye

You were our first. For this we will always remember you with fondness and appreciation. I’ll admit that I took you for granted over the recent years. Life got busier and you were pretty low maintenance. You were important to us, yet I know I didn’t say enough words of gratitude about you. You had quirks and started getting sloppy with your presentation.

You may have endured a bit of abuse from my kids–from the colorful scribbles to the divots from the smashing of action figures and toy trucks. I just didn’t have time to fix you beyond the important things. But I am truly grateful you were there for us. You sheltered us from cold, heat, and tornado threats; shielded us from hailstorms, snow and sleet. You welcomed home all of our babies from the hospital and provided a cozy place for them to sleep. You were usually the first familiar face and place of reprieve when we would return from our travels. Now that we have to say goodbye, I realize how much you meant to us. You were everything that we needed, when we needed it. Thank you for being our home. Goodbye House, we will always remember you!

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