International Moving Day

Our anxiety ridden much anticipated international moving day came and went. Besides the truck dying on the highway entrance ramp hundreds of feet in the air on the road to the airport and our motion sick baby girl, the rest of the day went on without a hitch! YAY!

Thankfully Annuar was able to reverse the truck in neutral close to the side of the highway shoulder wall since it had died on an incline. Thankfully were able to elbow in our luggage on to other cars in our airport caravan. Thankfully, upon arriving at DFW there was a nice airport attendant who helped transport and expedite our luggage and boxes in the check in process.

I was nervous about the layover in ATL as it was a less than 50 minute turnaround. We had 6 rollerboard carry-ons and 6 backpacks for the 6 of us (and 4/6 are tiny people who are like the minions, mostly quite clever and helpful but simultaneously and hilariously unpredictable).

PC: @5ftwanderer

Thankfully the flight in ATL was fully booked and we were able to volunteer to check in most of our carry-ons. Phew, we didn’t have to rely on minion help. Thankfully, a flight attendant on our DFW>ATL lag was super nice and helpful and texted the powers that be at ATL to send a Red Jacket Representative to assist us on site, whether it be transporting us or guiding us to the most direct way to our connecting terminal. Thankfully, our arrival gate ended up being just next to the escalators down to the ATL Plane Train. Nonetheless, thankfully we had a Red Jacket who told us precisely where we needed to go.

The kids loved riding the Plane Train. Minions I say…easily amused. We arrived in Terminal A and needed to get to Terminal E. In my preparation strategizing for the trip I had found numerous YouTube vids of the Plane Train. I knew it only took about 6 minutes to get from one end of the airport to the other. By the time we got off the train and arrived to our departure terminal, our plane was already boarding.

Our 29 pieces of luggage and 4 kids all made it safe and sound. And we didn’t even have to deal with jet lag. Throughout the day, however, I would fall asleep any and every time I was idle for more than 5 minutes since I hadn’t actually slept for at least a couple of days. My body was finally starting to relax and give in.

We arrived to our furnished apartment rental, walked around our new city a bit, grabbed a bite to eat, and all passed out from exhaustion before the sun went down. Full day, full heart.

“Praise and thank You, Lord for taking care of every detail in our travel day.”

3 thoughts on “International Moving Day

  1. I’ve been thinks and praying about your family and this big move. Thank you for bringing us along on the adventure. You made it look easy even though I know it was stressful. What an experience.


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