Mulan & Mooncakes Activity

(*Before you scroll down any further, know that there’s a bit of a Disney Mulan 2020 spoiler alert below!*) There is a folk tale about the overthrow of Mongol rule where mooncakes were used by the Ming revolutionaries. Cool, right? Mulan’s legend takes place in another dynasty. But isn’t it more fun to do a meaningful mashup of our two true loves of the season: mooncakes AND Mulan?

We made Play-Doh mooncakes with secret messages inside the “yolk”!! I invited the kids to each take a mooncake to see which Chinese character they got to solve the mystery question: “What were the four virtues that made Mulan a legendary warrior”? (Answer: 忠 Loyal, 勇 Brave, 真 True, 孝 Devotion) Would you and your kiddos like to try this activity?

Here’s our free printable:

We are currently in between living places. Still stateside until we can return to Colombia. We are temporarily stationed in Texas, so I just couldn’t justify buying these cute mooncake molds since I don’t have time to actually make mooncake right now…and they would just get put in storage in a month or so. We had some regular Play Doh molds and cooking cutters though, and I think we were able to make it work out just fine.

They were awarded for their diligence in learning the 4 words of virtue by getting to try mooncake for the first time ever! Well, it’s not exactly a prize, but I thought it apropro. Mooncakes are typically cut in to 4 pieces, how perfect. I decided to record their reaction. These kids crack me up.

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