Free Worksheets

I like making worksheets. Ugh. Okay, there, I admit it. When I was in 4th and 5th grade, I remember hand writing worksheets for younger kids to work on while our parents had their home Bible Study. With neon pink grading pen in hand, I still recall the giddy joy it would bring me to draw smilie faces on the “grades” I would assign those home made worksheets. There was the classic 100 where you turn those eyeballs into zeros and draw a smile underneath them–sometimes those eyes would get to wear glasses and sometimes those smiles would show dimples and teeth. And whenever possible, I would embellish with stickers and encouraging phrases, like “Excellent!” or “Awesome!” Do teachers still do that nowadays? At our school the kids get check marks. Kinda drab, and yet my daughter who usually gets perfect scores across the board will still excitedly report, “I got ALL CHECKS!” Poor kid is missing out, I say.

Never fear, mama’s back in the worksheet making biz. Haha! With the non-existence of Chinese learning resources here in Colombia, I decided the quickest way to get targeted practice on the Sagebooks series is to just make my own worksheets for the kids. Once in a while I’ll prepare an activity for them, but worksheets are just an easy, focused way to practice characters. And for the preschoolers, it helps to reinforce some key skills like coloring, cutting, and pasting. Sometimes these worksheets are, I daresay, fun. Alright, that may be a stretch.

As far as the Sagebooks worksheets go, I noticed that there are certain characters that seem to be a little harder to memorize, so I made some extra worksheets with those characters. I also made more challenging worksheets for the elementary school kids and simpler worksheets for the preschoolers. Sometimes I use the worksheets alongside the level they are reading, and sometimes I use them as review when they have already passed that level.


Sage 1-1

Sage 1-2

Sage 1-3

Sage 1-4

Sage 1-5






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