I forgot from which mom blogger I learned about Sagebooks first. But that mom has literally changed my life. It was one of these amazing moms to whom I owe my gratitude @guavarama @mandarinmama @chalkacademy. Still thankful for their amazing blogs and inspiration to keep us trekking along in this Chinese language journey. As far as I’m concerned, they are practically like the pioneers of Chinese homeschooling using Sagebooks.

Prior to learning about Sagebooks, I never thought that I could teach my kids to read Chinese because I know probably less than 1000 characters myself. I do not have the reading fluency of even a Taiwanese first grader. However, whether you are a native speaker or completely non-native, the Sage Formula is easy to follow. It has continued to motivate my kids to progress in the series as they find out that they can read and remember the characters.

But they are not magical. We still need to clock in man hours to keep up the interest. Enter word walls, and worksheets, activities, and flashcards. And stickers. All the stickers.