BEST Children’s Illustrated Chinese-English Dictionaries

So I have been meaning to rave a little bit about these well-illustrated Chinese-English Dictionaries that we have. We are learning Traditional Chinese rather than Simplified and getting quality resources is not as easy to come by. So I love sharing about the good stuff I find and even making free Traditional Chinese with pinyin resources to share. Read on for a quick overview and where to buy.

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Youdao Chinese-English Translator/Dictionary Pen 2.0

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Here’s a first glance overview of the Youdao Chinese-English Translator/Dictionary Pen 2.0.

As heritage Chinese speakers, we are primarily using this Chinese-English translator/dictionary pen for its most basic function of reading Traditional Chinese text aloud and that is already a game changer us. It helps a decently-fluent but functionally illiterate Chinese-American mom like me do the near impossible of teaching my kids a little more Chinese than I thought would be possible. Actually now any English-speaking parent can let this pen do all the reading aloud and translating that Siri, Alexa, and Google never could get quite right. The Google Translate app with scanning function has long been my go to when trying to read Chinese characters that I’m not familiar with, but the process is not as efficient and quick as I would like. Imagine fumbling around with it while trying to read to a squirmy toddler. Tell me I’m not the only one!

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