The Frozen 2 soundtrack in English is so so soooo beautiful. EVEN MORE SO IN MANDARIN. I may be a tad biased, but Disney pop music just sounds good in Mandarin. Maybe it’s because I spent a number of my tween years listening to my share of baby-faced mandopop–singers which I feel embarrassed to even mention now. Don’t ask me if I was ever a Jimmy Lin, LA Boyz, or Aaron Kwok fan, just don’t. Side bar: Harlem could have done a totally amazing rendition of Into the Unknown by Panic! At the Disco. Amiright?!

This CD offers all of the theme songs sung by Chinese singers. Yet it maintains the special band tracks in English from Panic! At the Disco, Kacey Musgraves, Weezer, Super Vocal, and Gina Alice.

I brought my at the time 7 year old daughter to watch this movie hoping she would be as mesmerized as I was when I watched it as a girl. And she was. This live action version did not cease to impress. We were singing the soundtrack for months after watching it. Then it dawned on me that we should find the soundtrack in Mandarin so we could try to practice some Chinese. (With this 37 track CD, you can relive the movie scene by scene!)

There is a wealth of Disney soundtracks in Mandarin that we could enjoy. I try to play Chinese music for my kids, but sometimes we really need to mix up the audio stream for my own sanity. The live action Disney movie remakes have not disappointed. I have been enjoying sharing my childhood favorites with my kids.

More music ideas and options are offered in the ages and stages posts:

1-2 歲

3-4 歲

5-6 歲

7-8 歲

9-10 歲

Middle School

High School

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