Top 7 Mandarin Audio Educational/Reality Netflix Series for Tweens (Netflix Rated TV-G/Y/PG)

These.shows.are.great! They are all so well produced and were thrilled to have found that they have Mandarin audio. We may or may not have already binged all of them.

#1 You vs. Wild (This one is INTERACTIVE! SO COOL.)

#2 Emily’s Wonder Lab (Highly engaging, your kids will be asking to do all the fun experiments.)

#3 The Who Was (Bizarrely addictive to watch.)

#4 Brain Child (Very interesting, but could do without some of the pre-teen social references. May want to pre-screen a couple of episodes, like Dreams and Motivation due to intensity level.)

#5 Izzy’s Koala World (Adorable.koalas.everywhere!!!! Need I say more?)

#6 J-Style Trip (Technically TV-14, but it’s pretty harmless)

#7 Flavorful Origins (Honestly a little bit boring, but the production value is top notch. Makes me want to eat the food so badly.)

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